Jozi Justice – Rights for the Recovery Community

Championing Rights for the Recovery Community

Championing Rights for the Recovery Community

In the vibrant heart of Lorentzville, Johannesburg

Jozi Justice emerges as a fortress of hope, standing tall as a non-profit champion of human rights. With an unwavering commitment to universal justice, Jozi Justice serves as a steadfast ally, ensuring that the rights of every individual embarking on the courageous path to recovery from addiction are fiercely protected and honored.

More Than an Organization

A Movement

Their headquarters, a repurposed warehouse, reflects their mission – it’s a dynamic community hub that promotes recreation, spiritual fellowship, and sanctuary. At Jozi Justice, their doors are open to all, providing a space where the youth can flourish, the faithful can gather, and seekers can find solace.

Bridging the Gap to Justice

At the core of their purpose lies a deep-seated recognition of the disparity within the justice system

A recognition that ignites their determination to close the chasm between the privileged and the vulnerable. Inspired by Mandela’s vision, their legal expertise becomes the tool through which they combat societal injustice, guiding those in recovery towards a world illuminated by hope and equality.

Extending Services Beyond Legal Boundaries

From intricate matters of Family & Labour law to cultivating personal growth, their services soar past the conventional.

Legal counsel is just the beginning—they arm you with the tools for holistic development, from career preparation to financial literacy, preparing you for life’s many facets.

Envisioning Humanity’s Best

Through committed service and the pursuit of socio-economic evolution, Jozi Justice is resolute in providing unparalleled legal services, enveloped in professionalism and integrity.

They stand united in our aspiration for a world where dignity is inherent, and humanity is exemplified.

For individuals journeying away from addiction’s grasp, challenges may arise, legal and societal. Jozi Justice rises to the occasion, offering a full spectrum of support: navigating past offenses, advocating for a discrimination-free existence, and ensuring that the newfound path to recovery is paved with respect and opportunities for healing.

Join forces with Jozi Justice as we endeavor to sculpt a society grounded in fairness—where every victory over addiction is recognized, every right is upheld, and every future shines with the possibility of justice realized.

Contact Details:


Tel: +27 72-267-2994

Address: 13 Viljoen Street, Lorentzville, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2094

Operating hours: Fridays 09h00 -12h00 

*(Note: MyRehab Helper is not officially affiliated with Jozi Justice, but we duly recognize it as an esteemed resource in the mental wellness community.)